When Eru The One, spoke all creation—the multiverse—into existence, He placed one Autoexec over each individual universe. This member of the Upper Echelons, in responsible for the enforcement, upkeep and continual maintenane of all laws fashioned by Eru. The only one above the Autoexec, other than Eru, is the Control Character. Below the Autoexec are The Powers That Be, and further, the host of Implementors. Each of these Autoexecs are believed to have had an active hand in the creation of the particular one to which he is assigned.

It was known only to a few throughout the entire course of Zork history that the Autoexec's weakness was darkness—total darkness. This was not walking into a closet and not turning the light on. The Autoexec could easily create light. The weakness was absolute darkness, the utter blackness that is the total absence of light, or any possibility of light; a quality that is rather difficult to achieve, and so the Autoexec always felt he was perfeclty safe from attack on that front.

One of the Autoexec's favorite physical forms was a smiling young man in a tennis outfit—an open-necked white shirt (which the initials of the Association embroidered around a large A on the pocket), white duck shorts, white socks, and low-cut white sneakers.

In the early years of creation, many Implementors left their heavenly homes and had intercourse with any humans that they beheld as lovely, thus producing hideous half-human, half-implementors monstrosities. These oddities wrecked so much havoc upon Zork that the Control Character was instructed to cause worldwide devastation upon the surface of the planet in order to destroy not only all of these aliens, but to eliminate all of the wicked mortals save a couple of each race. Once the disaster had passed, all of the rebellious Implementors were punished, along with their offspring. But these half-implementor beasts had only their bodies destroy, while their disembodied spirits were free to roam. Bearing extreme hatred for the one who had done this to them, they went around deceiving the replenishing population all over Zork by naming themselves ‘Gods’ and claiming to have ultimate power.

These evil supernatural beings collected together to rally against those above. In order to govern and prevent this tremendous population from corrupting all of creation, the Autoexec and The Powers That Be decided to delete them all. Belegur petitioned the Control Character not to destroy the full number of the spirits, saying, “Let some of them remain under my control, and let them attend to my voice. For if some of them are not left to me, I shall not be able to execute the power of my will over those wicked men that have given themselves over to iniquity. Let these be for corruption and leading astray.”

And the Control Character, acting in accordance with the will of Eru, granted a tenth of these spirits to Belegur, and letting the other nine parts descend into the place of condemnation. In order to prevent these spirits from destroying Zork prematurely, the Autoexec and The Powers That Be formed for them an organization known as the Supernatural and Fantastic Wayfarers Association.

In the years to follow, the Autoexec, who ruled The Powers That Be, had become corrupt. At one time, being in command over The Powers That Be was enough, but after a few thousand years, he began to think of advancement. He looked up the corporate ladder and above him was only the Control Character himself. The Autoexec refused to continue on putting in a good day's work millennium after millennium until the Control Character patted him on the back and gave him his desk in the home office. And he found his perfect opportunity in the tenth century before the End of the First Age of Magic (966 GUE).

The Autoexec would use the temporizer that had been recently uncovered by Morgrom the Essence of Evil, to go back in time and place himself at the top of the Echelon ladder before the Control Character had even been created (he apparently had not taken it into consideration that the Upper Echelons had been created in the Timeless Halls). He suffered from the same problem as Morgrom, that the Golden Dipped Switch was missing somewhere within the Great Underground Empire. Thus, seduced by the dark side of the Switch, he tracked the party of Mirakles, Glorian, and Spike through the Great Underground Empire with keen interest, hoping to nab the Switch from them immediately upon its discovery. Through their quest, he frequently warned Glorian not to trust Spike the Protector, though his reasons for doing this are not entirely clear.

Once the Golden Dipped Switch had been uncovered at the Dungeon of Zork volcano, the Autoexec, knowing Glorian's weakness, bent the rules of the physical universe, sending an ever-darkening blue fog to surround him and prevent him from moving so much as a single muscle. This fog entrapped Glorian helplessly within a smooth-sided block of cobalt glass. The Autoexec materialized into the room, reached into the glass, and snatched both the Golden Dipped Switch and the Hot Key from the paralyzed Glorian's possessions. Upon thanking Mirakles for an excellent job, the Autoexec departed. Before this moment, there had never been a hint that the Upper Echelons had been tainted with wrongdoing.

The final showdown against Glorian, Mirakles and Spike happened when the Autoexec cornered the three companions at the Scenic Vista at the Dungeon of Zork: Level 3, near the Shadowland. The battle began with the Autoexec and his entire horde of mundanes against the three. During the course of the battle the Autoexec attempted to hurl lightning-like bolts of energy at Glorian, but Mirakles was successful at guarding the supernatural guide with Redthirst. In a feint to distract Mirakles so that his magical powers could penetrate through the defenses, the Autoexec hurled the Hot Key at the prince. Shocked, Mirakles lowered his guard, bending down to acquire it. Seeing victory now at hand, the Autoexec released the energy at Glorian once again, but he countered with powers of darkness. The Autoexec was surprised that Glorian knew of his weakness, but the battle continued onward. The next maneuver consisted of simultaneous hurling of both lightning and a cobalt blue glass knife at Glorian. The force was enough to send the blade deep into Glorian’s thigh. Spike quickly removed the dagger from the wound and healed it with an anointing of Byelbog’s Balm. The final round began when both Glorian and the Autoexec augmented their supernatural powers in unison. But it was Glorian who had the upper-hand. For having been made aware that the Autoexec's weakness was darkness, the supernatural guide had stuffed his room at the Valhalla Hilton with as much as he could, then via drawer forwarding, acted as a quasi-human siphon to unleash the darkness upon the Autoexec. The second ranking Upper Echelon was discorporated. The form which he had taken, without his consciousness to motivate it and hold it together, merely reduced itself to its constituent atoms. Thus the Autoexec went down in history forever as the "Master of Perfidy."

It is uncertain if another Autoexec was appointed upon the defeat of this first one.

SOURCE(S): The Zork Chronicles, History of Quendor