The great Glarbo was a paid-up member of the Supernatural and Fantastic Wayfarers Association, but she never attended the banquets or other events. She was not one to engage in frequet socializations, especially considering everyone constantly made fun of her because of her big feet, and only wanted to be left alone.

The fearsome monster, roughly of humanoid form, was described as being surrounded by a darkness that swirled and stetched as if the darkness were a living extension of Glarbo. With both fire coming from its nostrils, and wielding a gigantic sword in one hand usually laid flat across its massive chest, one did not dare to disobey the frequently spoken words, "You cannot pass!"

Glarbo's slow and deeply-pitched laugh was rumored to be prophetic. Whatever was discernable, was the listeners destiny. For example, "Boom, Boom" foretold that Glorian of the Knowledge would be spending time with Amitia, "Groom, Groom" told of Mirakles' destiny of marriage to Princess Melithiel, "Flume, Flume" hinted that Spike would lead the rest of his party back to the Slide Room, and "Doom, Doom" warned Ed the Embedded Character that he would be dead soon.

Glarbo assisted Glorian of the Knowledge during his adventure with Mirakles in both delivering a letter from the Autoexec to the supernatural being as well as providing the party with various prophetic utterances of debatable nature.

TRIVIA: Glarbo is an anagram of Balrog (but coincidences like these are not meant to be taken seriously, since Glarbo is not a Balrog)

SOURCE(S): The Zork Chronicles