Whithers was a faithful family retainer whose ancestors served the Flathead Dynasty time immemorial. Legends have it that during a famine his great-great-great-great grandfather Chief Whithers once served an out-sized Flathead flamb (with 100 year old Antharian Brandy) but this cannot be confirmed, despite a few handwritten reviews and a scribbled recipe listing the best spices for the task.

Their skill at servile snobbery was unsurpassed, and ensured that the most distaff members of their clan were welcome with parvenus everywhere.

During the Great Monster Uprising, Whithers was the manservant of the parents of Jack Daniels Flathead XIII who dwelt in Gurth City. When the family sent out a man known only by the alias "Detective Softly" to fetch one the necessary ingredients for Frobozzian Magic Cocoa of Concentration, Whithers vainly attempted to track down the others. Although the manservant was unable to retrieve any of the ingredients himself, he was able to point "Softly" to several of their whereabouts. For example, due to Whither's refusal to negotiate with 'scarlet women' he directed "Softly" to the Antharian Caves where a group of underground witches had obtained a large jar of hotbugs. After scores of servants and employees returned from Quelbees hives, leaving their smoker behind with empty hands and welts, the delirious Whithers called the detective's legendary expertise once again.

A letter from Whithers to Jack Daniels Flathead XIII, after the unsuccessful attempt to smoke the Quelbee hive and capture the insects' honey:

Found the hive ___ __ minds if you get clos_. _ ___ __ tacked by ___ __elbe__ in F___ ie___ meadow: The smoker no good for Quelb__ __ __ese old lungs, __ilad_ Suggest you send the y___ f_ol

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork (game, personal correspondence from the author of 'A Wizard and His Cocoar' quest