At a surpriningly young age, Dinbar became a member on the council of Zylon the Aged. He and Hargood of Mareilon, the two court magicians, had been appointed to their posts by Zylon for their merits as wise and capable men, and their magical talents which would remain virtually unnoticed until 398 GUE. The learned young man that history would come to remember as a famous and powerful mage, possessed only an incomplete and erratic grasp of magic. Dinbar's many years spent in thorough study of ancient mystic writings were still to come, and at the time he possessed only one spell. Brilliant but untrained, and often erratic, magicians like Dinbar were usually limited to flashy pyrotechnics, and would never be capable of using their skills towards destructive ends.

Dinbar was just one of five council members Zylon had appointed at the end of his life; the other regents consisted of Zilbo Throckrod (Zilbo I), General Darborn Griffspotter, Hargood of Mareilon, and Gladius Fzort. When Zylon took time to visit remote parts of the kingdom, the five were always left in charge of the affairs of the state and the control of Largoneth Castle.

In 398 GUE, a servant of King Zylon, Endeth Belzgar, who was possessed and controlled by the fallen Implementor Belegur, poisoned him. While the poison did not kill Zylon, it did weaken him significantly and he lost unconsciousness, although no one at the time knew that it was Endeth who had committed the wicked deed. Dinbar and Hargood were summoned to the king's chamber, along with a group of physicians and magicians, where one after another examined the king, and were unable to determine the cause of illness. All known healing techniques were tried, and even new ones were invented. His bowels were emptied out and cleansed from both ends, and they even dared to try bleeding him. All was futile. Even the meticulous search of Zylon’s half-devoured meal had failed to turn up the most basic explanation, the court physicians being more skilled at treating bad paper-cuts than trying to cure their immortal king.

Several councils meetings were held. Since Zylon had no heir, the five regents battled over who would be next in line. Until Zylon could be restored, or name the heir to the throne, these five were the rulers of Quendor.

Hoping to retain Zylon’s life for as long as possible, the magician Dinbar completed a Spell of Linking, which bound the king’s soul to a magical orb rather than his body. This force provided Zylon with a certain amount of safety independent of any damage inflicted to his actual physical body. If the body did die, the orb would not keep his soul alive for more than a few weeks, bit it would give a small safety cushion to fall back upon if needed. In the meantime, Dinbar suggested that the legendary Pool of Stasis be sought out. While they were ignorant of its properties and location, they knew that by immersing the king within the pool, further permanent damage to his body might be adverted. Details of this pool were written in the Sacred Scrolls of Fizbin. Thus Zilbo and Dinbar planned to seek Litbo Mumblehum in Galepath to inquire about them.

The travelers did not leave by the front gates, by rather by the magical power of Dinbar’s soul as they were teleported directly to the university library. Litbo Mumblehum informed the two that the Scrolls of Fizbin had been stolen. Zilbo returned to Largoneth, while Dinbar stayed behind with Litbo to see if any more information could be found within the library detailing the location of the Pool of Stasis. Litbo discovered some prophecies regarding Belegur in the Scrolls of Kar'nai and Dinbar teleported the librarian to Largoneth to tell Zilbo of the news.

Dinbar, having heard of Galepath's planned attack on Mareilon, went to the city hall received an audience with Umberthar Spildo. He told him that he was on a royal mission on behalf of Zylon the Aged and had orders to prevent the Galepath militia from marching against Mareilon. He nodded and thought about it for a few minutes, then had Dinbar thrown in the bowels of the dungeons. He made the initial preparations to cast a spell to leave, when a guard walked in bringing a meal. It did not take much effort for him to figure out that Dinbar had been preparing a spell. After that they had someone on him day and night. He was not able to concentrate enough to find his own magical powers, and wasted away one of the darkest weeks in his life. It would not be until Zarfil and the mayor were killed by the Nezgeth invasion that the magician would be set free.

Two weeks after Belegur had been defeated and Zylon recovered, Zylon the Aged, having read much in the Scrolls of Fizbin, completed constructing the gateway to the Timeless Halls. The suddenly blue beam of light that snapped into the night sky from the southwestern tower easily caught the gaze of Zilbo, Litbo, and Dinbar who were near the base of Signal Mount. When the trio arrived at Zylon’s room, they found the king laying motionless on the bed with his back resting comfortably on the soft blankets. His eyes were closed and his arms rested easily at his side, save the beginnings of the blue tunnel that sprang from his forehead. The spirit of Zylon rose out of and hovered above his body; it mirrored the likeness of the real king in every way, down to identical clothing and the smallest insignificant facial features. And with wordless smile, the spirit of Zylon the Aged moved into the stream of blue light and was gone, leaving only a motionless body. Zilbo was the next king of Quendor.

During the summer of 407 GUE, in an ironic exchange of roles, the former royal advisor Dinbar left the royal court of Zilbo I to return to Galepath, his childhood home, to pursue, among other projects, the successful efforts to translate the Scrolls of Fizbin. An ever-deepening respect for Bizboz would eventually lead to an intense collaboration producing works that are still hailed by historians today as the ultimate advances in the study of the magical arts.

Together, these two students of the mystic arts thoroughly examined ancient writings on mystic subjects, one which was formally dubbed Thaumaturgy. Although the accomplishments of Dinbar have been obscured by the passage of time, his colleague and close friend, Bizboz of Galepath has left several volumes of writing that have utterly revolutionized the way Quendorans think about science, magic, and the relationship between the two.

Dinbar also had close correspondence with Gustav Peggleboz for nearly a decade, despite the fact that Dinbar himself had no interest in the Peggleboz game whatsoever. These three, Dinbar, Bizboz, and Peggleboz gave living proof that the Dimly-Lit Era could not last forever, becoming not only key players in the development of magic which is even used today, but also built the foundations for the Zucchini Wars of the fifth century.

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