Ezkinil was the honorable and most respected Chief Historian of Mareilon in the fourth century. He had spent most of his adult life inside the annex of the Mareilon Historical Society doing his duties. As an important person who circulated in the highest reaches of the city government, Ezkinil had free reign of the Citadel of Mareilon.

There were rumors of competition between Ezkinil and the popular journalist Poulizre. Her words had even reached as far as the ears of one of the mayors (the one previous to Silbarium Hegilburg). What had seemed to many to be an inevitable rise to power through those channels had been thwarted by a mysterious feud with the Ezkinil. It was the Chief Historian that had in some way been angered by the journalist Poulizre. One word from him to the mayor had been sufficient to end her role in city government. No plausible explanation ever came to the surface.

In the latter years of his life, Ezkinil was old and frail, yet still mighty. Rumors told of his ongoing battle with a certain illness, and as of 397 GUE, the general populace did not spot him outside of his home until Zarfil's rebellion.

Ezkinil not only showed support for Zarfil's cause to overthrow the Mareilon government, but also provided verification of his lineage, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt his relation to the one true Prince Argonel, one of the former princes of Mareilon. Along with Ezkinil and other influential people, Zarfil was able to convince Poulizre to join their cause as well as a cult of dark magicians lead by Marboz.

Unwilling to associate himself with evil practices, Ezkinil had always protested the use of the magicians. He also knew that the citizens of Mareilon would not be willing to support a revolution backed by demons and evil spirits. But Zarfil need every weapon available for the succession, and despite Ezkinil's protests continued to employ them, although secretly.

On the initial rally of Oracle 12, 398 GUE, Ezkinil accompanied Zarfil into Beeblebrox Square along with Hembiz, Poulizre, and Mimb, where the rebel leader announced his lineage from Prince Argonel, publicly demanded the resignation of Hayor Hegilburg, and to march against Galepath and destroy it. Having played his cards just right, Zarfil and his followers were later invited by the mayor to Firestone Mansion. Ezkinil and Pouilzre again accompanied him.

Although Ezkinil had initially supported Zarfil's cause, he downright opposed nearly every one of his actions following the initial rally. After Zarfil's forces had gained control of Mareilon, the rebel leader made an example -- Ezkinil was not to be seen in Mareilon again. His disappearance and subsequent rumored death were by no means unique, as Zarfil did away with all who spoke against him.

SOURCE(S): Zylon the Aged