Finister was once a master of the Orexia Guild of Enchanters. In the years following 956 GUE, the Great Terror's influence consumed the entire nation. Finister just escaped the Orexic guild to Thriff before it succumbed entirely to its corruption. At least, he claimed he escaped. As lazy as he seemed in later days, this condition was a taste of the Terror's influence, causing him to frequently fall asleep randomly.

In those days, he was described as a rather sleepy-looking oldster. Dark circled ringed the puffy bags under his eyes. He had the gaunt, half-starved appearance of a southlander, an Orexic. Finister did not care for the silly custom of the northern wizards, thus refused to take on an additional name whenever it suited as they did.

In response to the evil caused by the Great Terror, that shortly before 966 GUE began to encroach as far north as Thriff, Finister set out by boat with the Great Shuboz Shuboz, Khare the Watcher, Shad Treeskimmer, Grimbol the Great, Raskil Worrysnot, and Isthur Glee to find Anesi who was living near Caper's Hill. These wizards believed that his youth would be the greatest advantage against the Great Terror, for he still had his innocence and would not be tempted to evil like most others. Finister took care of Mildi and Choboz (although many times in slumber) while their son was gone on the quest, and after Anesi had defeated the Great Terror, returned to Orexia.

SOURCE(S): Enchanter (novel)